Best Songs Ever: A Day in The Life, The Beatles

So the legend goes that the real Paul McCartney had a car crash and died, then was replaced by the new Paul McCartney, who is the current Paul McCartney who along with Ringo Starr are the only remaining Beatles.

Regardless of whether that legend is true, the song is a classic in my book and is a haunting tale of someone who had it all and then lost his life driving a car.

Who knows if there is a story to be told, it’s just trippy, the way the Beatles used to be.

Trying to figure out what it all means is half the fun when trying to figure out where the Beatles were coming from.

Maybe the legend is true and each song is telling us a clue about what really happened, but who knows it’s a great song!

Best Songs Ever: Hero, Mariah Carey

Didn’t pay too much attention to this song when it first came out, though it did sound really good and of course learned the lyrics to it.

It’s like you can’t not like the song, you either love it or that’s pretty much it.

I think it’s an important piece of music just because of the feeling it invokes, it is an interesting one, is there a hero in all of us?

Or are some heroes and others not? I suppose your “truth is what you believe in,” Rachel Platt, I’ll Stand by you.

All of us are heroes in our own way, you simply look inside and say why you’re a hero. Don’t know why, but the song just instantly puts me in a good mood, and isn’t that the way to be?

That’s it! You’re simply a hero because you can feel good, or not, whatever you want! For me, I wanna feel awesome and just listen to Mariah Carey over here.

Best Songs Ever: Wind Beneath My Wings, Bette Midler

This is an oldie made in 1982 by Jeff Silbar and Larry Henley but it was popularized by the movie Wings in 1988.

I thought this song was made by Bette Midler, but it’s not, it’s just the most popular version because it was made into a hit single for the movie beaches.

Maybe the song inspired the movie, the movie itself is all about two women who bond over the years, so different yet remain true to their friendship. Everyone wants a long lasting friendship that they had in the movie. At the end though, one of the two women die and Bette Midler is left to “fend for herself.”

The song is not just for movies, it transcends. It’s a song that lifts your spirit because of your personal connections to other people, it reminds you of your humanity and the love you share for your close ones.

Even if you don’t have close ones, you still could have your pets as your best friends; indeed, your pets oftentimes become closer to you because they are forever your babies, your pets if they could talk would sing this to their owners.

So lift your spirit today and listen to a song that just seems to calm me down for some crazy reason!

Best Songs Ever: I hope you dance, Lee Ann Womack

You know the most important quality a person can possess? It isn’t looks. It isn’t brains. It is the spirit. If you have a strong spirit, you can move mountains, but when you spirit is weak, you won’t be able to do much with yourself.

The way to keep yourself going is to nurture your spirit and drive forward. You don’t have to will yourself to be the President of The US, but you can will yourself to simply feel good because we was programmed to feel good.

If we don’t feel good, we lose our mana, our life force. The force can only be strengthened through nuruturing the spirit. And don’t worry about looking bad if you’re a dude and you’re listening to this song, listening to this song will help you go dance.

Best Songs Ever: Man in the Mirror, Michael Jackson

“I’m gonna make a change, once in my life”

The best thing about songs is that you can dream, and dream hard at it. Michael wanted to make a difference with this song, and he accomplished it. Why? This song resonates with me, don’t know why, but like a year when it came out, I was listening to it and I said, I like it ’cause it’s real.

Ok I didn’t say it’s real, but that’s the feeling you get from certain songs. Michael Jackson made me put this song up, he made me do it! The simple title of the song is haunting.

“Who is the man in the mirror?”

It is you. It is me. It is all of us. We look at ourselves and think, what is our purpose? The longer you sit there and think to the man in the mirror, the more you come to see your purpose. I mean right there, my purpose is to share this little ditty called “Man in the mirror”, by the greatest entertainer of all time, Michael Jackson.

Best Songs Ever: Ghetto Gospel, Tupac

Was Tupac the best rapper ever? Maybe, maybe not. He definitely had his own style and great way to tell a story.

Sure, the subject matter of Ghetto Gospel might be R or even X rated in many neighborhoods, still the song captures the way many downtrodden have to live.

In all reality, Tupac was simply telling us how things are in the streets. It’s a sad reality how he describes the sad old lady addicted to crack, yet is having a baby.

Tupac was one of the most socially conscious rappers of our time. Just imagine future generations of humans who find a recording of Ghetto Gospel, what would they say? At first they’d say “shit, women addicted to crack were having babies?!”

“I don’t know, but Tupac makes me think”

That’s exactly what Ghetto Gospel does, keeps me entertained with great lyrics and also makes me think about the stuff he saw growing up.

Best Songs Ever: Here There and Everywhere

For me this song is quite soothing. Sure many people might say it’s soft, and guess what? You’re right! This song and many of the Beatles songs help you calm down. Especially this little ditty about a couple in love and thinking about their time together and the possibilities that await them, great tune!