Best Songs Ever: To Love you more, Celine Dion

Call me sentimental, but notice that a ton of the songs you love are love songs. To me most of my favorite songs are love songs.

But this song is a great one because of the violin. When you use classical instruments like this in a song, it makes the song eternal.

This song clearly is about two people deep in love, each person vows to love you more. It’s that never ending phone call between two people and they keep going I love you more, No I love you more, no I love you more.

Then you have that annoying guy from Office Space who says “Get a room you two!”

You make an angry face and then focus back on To love you more by Celine Dion. That brings a smile to your face.

Celine tells it like it is, you give her a chance and she will show you “all the things that your heart needs to know.”

What might those things be exactly though? Start singing about those things and you make this classic an X-rated song.

Either way, enjoy the violin piece in this love ballad!

Best Songs Ever: Don’t Look Back in Anger, Oasis

This song right here told me never to have any regret or anger towards the past. Sure the song could mean different things to different people, but it’s just one of those things that teach us something.

It’s poetry. Most songs survive because of the lyrics and way they conveyed a point in life. Don’t ever look back on your life with anger or regret because it will only make you get worked up over nothing.

That applies to those things that happen 1 second ago to things that have happened 10 years ago.

Things that happen occur for a reason. But you must never be angry with the things that occur to you for everything has already been decided, according to Buddhist principles.

But it could also just be the Oasis brothers telling girls “don’t put your life in the hands of a Rock and Roll band, who’ll throw it all away.”

Probably the same way that Sally, whomever she might be ended up hurt because Oasis left her, she puts a ton of energy into something and in the end, it wasn’t meant to be.

But whatever happens, don’t ever look back in anger!

Best songs ever: Cryin’, Aerosmith

Sometimes it’s awesome to be in love and sometimes it sucks to be in love. That’s that animal instinct in a nutshell, which is depicted here in Cryin’, by one of the greatest bands of all time, Aerosmith.

Steven Tyler knows exactly what’s it’s like to be in love because Steven Tyler has been in love before. It’s like a tale told from the heart, he was crying when he met Alicia Silverstone, wait, no he was crying when he met this one chick Lafunda and was hurting, so he got some sexual healing that went wrong and now it’s one of those when love goes wrong episodes, where you see them making out one minute and then yelling at each other, or tattooing your name on their sleeve and taking it off the next day.

That’s love. It makes you do crazy things, but that’s the feeling this song gives you. You are a human capable of loving.

If you are not prepared, you will go through the ups and downs of love, but it’s one of those things you just gotta try out. Then one day you’ll forgive your partner because you know how crazy people can get when they are in love.

Wait a minute, this song could also be about rebound love. See sometimes you’re hurting that the old one left you, then later you’ll regret having met that person when you were crying, so maybe Steven Tyler is counseling us on rebound love, ’cause he’s been there before: “I was crying when I met you, now I’m trying to forget you!”

So maybe the moral is to never go into a sexual relationship when you’re hurting from the last one because you’ll regret it? Who knows, but I like to say there is a moral to every song, but you be the judge what the hell does it mean, but in my book, this song is like an 11 out of like a 10.

Best Songs Ever: CCR, Have you ever seen the rain?

Do you know Creedence ClearWater revival? You should, they played some great tunes that actually talked to you.

This classic just speaks to me, it’s just a great song, how do you describe what you’re listening? It’s like a tune where you’re letting go of the past, you lived it and now the rain is gone, it’s one of those tunes, or even anthem that mourns the loss of a dark memory in your life.

For me, I need plenty of these tunes that send us messages. Just something about the song that sticks to me and makes me happy to have heard that last ditty.

Best Songs Ever: The Midnight Rider, The Allman Brothers

Some of the songs I listen to give me this sense of freedom. Just being on the road in my Honda riding.

Of course others will be telling you about being on the road on their Harley and listening to this classic 70s tune that was popularized in the Devil’s Rejects by Rob Zombie.

Regardless, the song itself is just about picturing yourself on the road, that’s the freedom that this song right conveys to me. It’s great because it’s also about being a rebel, no one’s “gonna catch the midnight rider!”

Best Songs Ever: Where is the Love? Black Eyed Peas

The best songs are the ones that say something. In this song, the Black Eyed Peas are trying to figure out where the truth is.

What has happened that this song is taking on a whole new meaning since it came out. In this world of mad competition, we gotta learn that we only have one world.

The part of this song is that it’s great, you can totally put in all your emotion into it and express that way if you karaeoki.

According to the song, the answer to finding love is to: “Take control of your mind and meditate, let your soul gravitate to the love y’all.”

Will.I.Am’s solution is simple and unique. If you simply learn to control your mind, “be master of your domain” if you borrow a quote from Seinfeld, then your soul will gravitate to the love y’all.

Sounds simple enough, ama try that.

Best Songs Ever: You’re all I need, Method Man and Mary J Blige

This one is the hardest love story I’ve ever heard. It’s a great rap song, because for Method Man, all that matters is a woman who’s gonna be right there keeping it “tight, aight?”

Mary J don’t mind as long as she has meth around. That’s pretty much all you need, some method man on the tracks holding it down. But it gets deeper than that, it’s all about real love, it’s all about team work though, that’s how to make it work.

So basically Method Man and Mary J Blige are your marriage counselors, All you really really need to get by in a relationship is to be real. Real like in a team work kinda way, but again, no marriage. Good song though, especially if you get it done on karaeoki with your significant other

Best Songs Ever: We Can’t Stop, Miley Cyrus

“It’s our party we can do what we want”

It’s total freedom, that’s what a song should convey to you. A feeling of you doing your thing whenever you want, whereever you want.

That’s the thing about life. You gotta own it. You own you said Ryan Reynolds in that one movie he’s got cancer and he’s a teacher. You gotta own who you are is absolutely right.

I mean with the line “Forget the haters ’cause somebody loves ya” When she said that, that song became a classic hit for me, such a great message, you know what? Dang diggety straight, forget the haters, somebody out there loves ya.

Even if nobody loves ya, then adopt a cat today! Why? Just ’cause you adopted them, they will love ya and some day you will look at said kitty in the face and say remember that one time i rescued you and we heard we can’t stop in the car?

Best Songs Ever: I Will Trust, Lauren Daigle

Something about this song just automatically became a favorite of mine and within like the 4th airplay, i knew all the lyrics, does that ever happen to you? You just hear a song and you know the lyrics? It’s a great song, plain and simple

Plus the fact that it strengthens your faith, see you don’t have to be religious to understand the spirit nurturing capacities of the song.

It’s like all of the troubles you go through, you must just keep on going. All of the highs and lows I’m going to keep on believing because regardless we need to nurture the spirit in order to keep going.