Best Songs Ever: To Love you more, Celine Dion

Call me sentimental, but notice that a ton of the songs you love are love songs. To me most of my favorite songs are love songs.

But this song is a great one because of the violin. When you use classical instruments like this in a song, it makes the song eternal.

This song clearly is about two people deep in love, each person vows to love you more. It’s that never ending phone call between two people and they keep going I love you more, No I love you more, no I love you more.

Then you have that annoying guy from Office Space who says “Get a room you two!”

You make an angry face and then focus back on To love you more by Celine Dion. That brings a smile to your face.

Celine tells it like it is, you give her a chance and she will show you “all the things that your heart needs to know.”

What might those things be exactly though? Start singing about those things and you make this classic an X-rated song.

Either way, enjoy the violin piece in this love ballad!

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