Best songs ever: Cryin’, Aerosmith

Sometimes it’s awesome to be in love and sometimes it sucks to be in love. That’s that animal instinct in a nutshell, which is depicted here in Cryin’, by one of the greatest bands of all time, Aerosmith.

Steven Tyler knows exactly what’s it’s like to be in love because Steven Tyler has been in love before. It’s like a tale told from the heart, he was crying when he met Alicia Silverstone, wait, no he was crying when he met this one chick Lafunda and was hurting, so he got some sexual healing that went wrong and now it’s one of those when love goes wrong episodes, where you see them making out one minute and then yelling at each other, or tattooing your name on their sleeve and taking it off the next day.

That’s love. It makes you do crazy things, but that’s the feeling this song gives you. You are a human capable of loving.

If you are not prepared, you will go through the ups and downs of love, but it’s one of those things you just gotta try out. Then one day you’ll forgive your partner because you know how crazy people can get when they are in love.

Wait a minute, this song could also be about rebound love. See sometimes you’re hurting that the old one left you, then later you’ll regret having met that person when you were crying, so maybe Steven Tyler is counseling us on rebound love, ’cause he’s been there before: “I was crying when I met you, now I’m trying to forget you!”

So maybe the moral is to never go into a sexual relationship when you’re hurting from the last one because you’ll regret it? Who knows, but I like to say there is a moral to every song, but you be the judge what the hell does it mean, but in my book, this song is like an 11 out of like a 10.

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