Best Songs Ever: We Can’t Stop, Miley Cyrus

“It’s our party we can do what we want”

It’s total freedom, that’s what a song should convey to you. A feeling of you doing your thing whenever you want, whereever you want.

That’s the thing about life. You gotta own it. You own you said Ryan Reynolds in that one movie he’s got cancer and he’s a teacher. You gotta own who you are is absolutely right.

I mean with the line “Forget the haters ’cause somebody loves ya” When she said that, that song became a classic hit for me, such a great message, you know what? Dang diggety straight, forget the haters, somebody out there loves ya.

Even if nobody loves ya, then adopt a cat today! Why? Just ’cause you adopted them, they will love ya and some day you will look at said kitty in the face and say remember that one time i rescued you and we heard we can’t stop in the car?

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