Best Songs Ever: Hero, Mariah Carey

Didn’t pay too much attention to this song when it first came out, though it did sound really good and of course learned the lyrics to it.

It’s like you can’t not like the song, you either love it or that’s pretty much it.

I think it’s an important piece of music just because of the feeling it invokes, it is an interesting one, is there a hero in all of us?

Or are some heroes and others not? I suppose your “truth is what you believe in,” Rachel Platt, I’ll Stand by you.

All of us are heroes in our own way, you simply look inside and say why you’re a hero. Don’t know why, but the song just instantly puts me in a good mood, and isn’t that the way to be?

That’s it! You’re simply a hero because you can feel good, or not, whatever you want! For me, I wanna feel awesome and just listen to Mariah Carey over here.

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