Best Songs Ever: Ghetto Gospel, Tupac

Was Tupac the best rapper ever? Maybe, maybe not. He definitely had his own style and great way to tell a story.

Sure, the subject matter of Ghetto Gospel might be R or even X rated in many neighborhoods, still the song captures the way many downtrodden have to live.

In all reality, Tupac was simply telling us how things are in the streets. It’s a sad reality how he describes the sad old lady addicted to crack, yet is having a baby.

Tupac was one of the most socially conscious rappers of our time. Just imagine future generations of humans who find a recording of Ghetto Gospel, what would they say? At first they’d say “shit, women addicted to crack were having babies?!”

“I don’t know, but Tupac makes me think”

That’s exactly what Ghetto Gospel does, keeps me entertained with great lyrics and also makes me think about the stuff he saw growing up.

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