How to Harness testosterone or why you should stay away from health supplements!

We all know about testosterone, testosterone is the stuff that makes dudes be dudes and cause some women to have mustaches. Testosterone is a chemical that occurs naturally in the body, but most of us don’t understand fully how the body is able to manufacture on its own.

Many corporations want you to believe that the way to increase your testosterone is to pop some pills and all of a sudden you will start looking all jacked like the fellow on the right of the picture above.

But Testosterone does not work like that.

Rather than buying some pills that will harm your health and your liver (your body has to decompose that stuff, the liver takes damage decomposing health supplements be careful!)

Just eat plenty of vegetables, eat animal products like dairy and meat sparingly, work out a lot; with weights and running, and your body will produce testosterone naturally on its own.

Best part is that the more you work out and the more you run or exercise heavily, the more testosterone your body will create.

In turn, you will increase your libido and be able to git it up when you so desire.

It’s as simple as that.

you get to the gym, cook for yourself and eat out only a few times a month and your body will be able to generate massive amounts of testosterone.

That’s the simple solution to getting in shape, you do it naturally and without any supplements that will do a horrible number on your liver, plus the costs of buying those damn supplements.

Here’s a fun fact: In my life I have known a lot of body builders and all of them look pretty jacked, and none took any supplements.

You don’t even need any energy supplements neither. If you want a quick boost of energy, drink some cold coffee, not the one from the Chinese restaurant at 2am, if you follow my drift, no go to the 7-11, get a coffee, put some ice in it and have that before your workout, boom, instant giggles!

That’s the beauty of testosterone, you feel all giggly and have a ton of fun in life all day long. You feel good and people wanna be around you. That right there is the price of a gym membership and taking no supplements, supplements make people feel ill believe me.

Seen this one dude taking supplements, man he did not look healthy and did not look like he was enjoying what he was doing. Maybe it was the doubt in his mind, should I be taking these shitty pills?

Cheaters never win and you see these cheaters every time they are popping a pill.

Don’t do it by injecting yourself with steroid, what the hey man?! people who gotta do that shit are probably on the WWE and even they don’t enjoy taking injections.

It might be our instant gratification nonsense that harms our intentions. We be thinking that generating tons of testosterone can happen overnight and we believe those who want to sell us shit that is dangerous for that, don’t fall victim to that.

A great documentary on our obsession of getting huge is Bigger Badder, Stronger, heartbreaking tale of the star and director of the film, Chris Bell. Watching WWF growing up, we all want to be like the superstars of Raw and Smackdown, but that cannot be attained.

It’s kinda like Popeye in a way, instead of Spinach it’s steroids and all of a sudden, the body is all jacked. It all happens in 2 seconds. Is that what many people believe? We try to achieve our fascination with being huge, attaining impossible bodies.

Even the magazines photoshop all of their pictures basically telling the consumer, hey know better, we’re selling you beauty, it might be photoshopped and in almost 100% of the pictures, something has been touched up.

Expanding on how to achieve the maximum testosterone the body can produce is basically done by taking yourself to the gym every single day. That is the most important thing. Or if you don’t get to the gym go outside and run or do your 300 pushups per day.

Manufacturing testosterone is the same as being extremely happy everyday. And the only way to be more happy everyday is by working out.

But here’s the rub. No pun intended!

Most of us don’t have enough time to harness 100% of our body’s ability to manufacture testosterone. Why? So busy with our lives. Most people are really bad thinking that it’s safe for us, but these products are making us really sick.

Think about what happens to you if you eat McDonald’s everyday? It’s not so good. But that’s the sad reality for many people. In 26 states, Lawmakers have had to step in and make a law against suing McDonalds!

If you eat fast foods everyday you will not be harnessing any testosterone because that food does not give you any energy whatsoever.

Try a diet of pure McDonalds and running everyday, see if you have any energy to exercise!

No offense to McDonald’s, just trying to make the point that eating too much meat or junk food is simply not good energy food. And if eating too much McDonalds will make you sue the company, then you should probably stay away from it.

Fact, you eat McDonald’s you have a 30% chance you will want to sue them!

When it comes to nutrition, you really do have to be rebellious and watch what you eat. , the information is out there, figure out what the professional athletes eat, workout like them and you too will be able to harness as much testosterone as they do.

You gotta stick to what Jack Lalanne said,
If man made it, don’t eat it

Believe me, Exercise and testosterone go hand in hand. Bottom line is you need to exercise. If you exercise your body will generate tons of testosterone. Your body can only exercise if it has enough energy that comes from the foods and liquids we ingest.

So it all comes down to your foods you eat that will give you energy to get to do the work necessary to produce testosterone.

It’s as simple as that. You don’t get any boost in testosterone by any other way. You either exercise and you make testosterone or you don’t, if you don’t have any energy, you won’t go exercise.

They say laughing also increases your testosterone levels, but no one has ever laughed themselves to a great body. laughing makes you feel good but it won’t make the testes create a whole bunch of testosterone.

We should define the word testosterone, what does it really mean? Testosterone is a hormone that helps regulate sex libido, bone mass, muscle mass and production of red blood cells. Also helps regulate your mood.

Basically it makes you feel good.

It helps keep you keep calm alert and alive. That’s how essential testosterone is to the body, Austin Powers would define it as Mojo. It’s that thing that makes you unique, it is the force in many ways. Your testosterone is your manhood and your life force.

So anything that enhances your testosterone is a keeper and anything that takes away from it should be eliminated. That being for example alcohol. Drinking will block your testes from making testosterone. Makes sense, who hasn’t had the buddy that couldn’t get it up after drinking?

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