How to use the Force in real life

In the movie Star Wars, the Jedi talk about a mysterious force that one can use at any time and become awesome momentarily; it is common knowledge as even the “younglings” have advanced knowledge of the force.

The force is strong indeed, many tyrants wanna be using the force for naught. That’s right, I am talking about the one and only Darth Vader. If you’re reading Darth Vader, come back to the light side!

Another way to put it, the force is kinda like Obi-One Kenobi closing the door of a spaceship by flicking his fingers.

The force also allowed Luke “Kenny” SkyWalker to shoot a cannon into the death star and destroy it, Darth Vader got away but if Luke doesn’t shoot the Death Star down, bad stuff would have happened in that Galaxy.

The force is so strong with Vader, that he need only raise someone with his hand, without touching them and proceeds to choke them out.

If Darth Vader decided to go into MMA, he’d be undefeated, every match would last 5 seconds, and he’d be hailed as the best pound for pound fighter of all time.

Jokes aside, why would Vader only wanna be an MMA fighter if he can use to force to be the supreme leader of the world?

And is there such a mysterious force that compels you to act?

Yes there is. But please, don’t go using the force choke move on anyone after I tell you how to harness the force, it could be very dangerous.

Something inside told me to tell you to use the force “for the greater good” just now. Why? I don’t know, but simply doing what is inside your heart, you are using the force. When you say, I am going to be awesome, that is using the force.

That’s exactly what the force is all about, it is you at your best self all the time. Sometimes it’s tough to be your best self because you may not really know how to harness the power of the force.

But if you simply tell yourself:

“Use the force, use the force”

something inside you changes.

I’ve used the force before just messing around, i tell myself, use the force and a sudden burst of energy comes over me and I start to get after it.

You remember that old “Scarface” game where you can make Tony Montana invincible for a few seconds and Tony can get hit with bullets and not die?

That’s what the force is all about. get hit with bullets and not die. Just kidding, no the force is a sudden burst of energy you get when you tell yourself to “use the force!”

Some people have the force imprinted in their DNA, in fact, all humans possess the force.

Think about our ancestors using the force to thrive and become a race of human beings.

Back when we were competing with dinobots and shit, you had to use the force to escape these dinosaurs that wanted to make those homo-erectus their snack.

So these old school homos; homo erectuses that is!

Something told the homo-erectii is that the plural of homo-erectus? to go run and hide from the damn gone dinosaurs that wanna munch on your ass!

Same thing as Trinity telling herself to “get up” at the beginning of the Matrix when she’s being chased by agents Smith et al.

Seriously though, why does Trinity need to tell herself to get up, if I was right there, I would ask her, Trinity, there’s no one else here, who you talking to?

Of course, she wouldn’t sit there and argue with me, the agents are after her!

But hold up, let’s think about what Trinity would tell me, if she did sit there and argue with me:

Trinity: “Get up Trinity!”

Me: “Trinity, who you tawking to, ain’t no one here but you!”

Trinity: “OMG! I have to say these things to pump myself up, don’t you know anything, this is common sense, duh!”

Me: “You talk to yourself?!”

Trinity: “Yah! I’m using the force!”

The fact remains, Trinity had to tell herself to get up, why?

She simply was engaging the pre-frontal cortex. She was so gripped with fear that she needed an encouraging word to break the cycle of fear she was under.

That’s what Mel Robbins stresses in her book the 5 second rule. When you hesitate, count down 5-4-3-2-1, then act.

All it is is breaking your mind’s cycle of thinking. If you’re scared, counting down will make your mind focus onto something else.

Sometimes you need to tell yourself to be strong.

I’ve been there before, some passive aggressive person may yell something at you and when you hear the same thing from others, it hurts.

It don’t matter who they are. Humans are pre-programmed to work together to fit in, to belong, so naturally to a weak mind it’ll really hurt when anyone rejects you.

It could be the bum on the street, he may insult you and it makes you feel bad.

Right then and there, to break the cycle of hurt that I feel when insulted, I tell myself :

“(insert name here), BE STRONG!”

Of course, you would insert your name in (insert name here), if you use someone else’s name it doesn’t have the same effect;

You need to use your name in insert name here.

But think about it. If you tell a kid that is unappreciated by others to be strong and to believe in himself, that kid is going to be strong.

Look at this next video down below, this is one of the best coaches I have seen in real life, this is exactly what coaches do to pump up their troops.

One of the most motivational speeches ever

See that right there? That coach is telling his men before a football game to be freaking strong because

“I am a champion!”

Shit, just say that right there 5 times, you will feel like a champion.

The thing to do is to be so present in the moment that you are not worried about anything else except the task at hand.

You wanna give it your all, you don’t care about what the naysayers say because you are unique in your own way and you were put on earth to use the force and be yourself.

The best you only comes out when you use the force.

For example, you’re about to benchpress your own weight. What do you think about right before you start doing that?

“Let’s do this!”

You’re not thinking, I hope I can do this, I hope I can, I hope I can. No, that’ll make you feel weakness. But if you say “Don’t you quit on me, or use the force or I am a champion, you will lift the weights.

In real life you can use the force. Using the force makes you think better. For example, get angry right now. Just for no reason at all other than for the sake of getting pissed.

If you get pissed and say “I’m going to solve what it is that is bothering me” then chances are you will.

I lied. you won’t be able to use the force to choke someone out with the choke hold move as Darth Vader has done, but you will be able to harness your inner strength to get after what you need to get done.

So using the force gives you the confidence you need to break your mind’s pattern of fear. What if you were never fearful of anything?

Can you use the force to be confident all the time and go after what you want?

Sure you can. Just use the force.

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