How to harness testosterone

What is testosterone and how do you measure it?  I mean, we know about the existence of testosterone, but how do we know if our body is making enough?

And on top of that, who is to say how much testosterone is enough and when is it time to get some?

Does it even matter how much testosterone flows throughout our bodies?

No question about it.

Testosterone is essential to a strong body and healthy mind.  

How to look really good

Not only does it make you feel excellent all the time, it also makes you look really really really good.  Without a doubt, if you can harness this hormone, it can compel us to get whatever we want in life.

Whatever that may be.  

You want a new job, new house or new life. Whatever we want. With the power of testosterone, anyone, women and men alike can use it to fulfill their wildest dreams.  Let’s take the gym.  If you want a great body, what do you do?  Do you sit there eating huge slabs of meat and never go to the gym, do you think that’s the best way to a great body?

That’s testosterone right there.  Having the mental balls to say you’re wrong society, I’m gonna do it this way and watch me build a great body.

You’ve heard of people being described as having balls.  

That’s exactly what testosterone is.  Just a measure of your manhood to get after what you want.

Basically, testosterone is having the mental and physical makeup to get after what we want.

Take crackheads for example…

I remember this one really funny joke I heard back in the day, sometime after 9/11.  It truly was inappropriate, but I have to tell it to someone.

This dude says to his partner, “they wanna go find Bin Laden, get some crackheads after him, they’ll find him.  Just give him bicycles and that’s all they need to find him.”

What was he talking about?

You ever been addicted to something so much, you go after it like it’s the most important thing ever?

You ever been addicted to being healthy?

If you ever want to do anything in life, you just focus your efforts.  And that’s testosterone working for you.

When you focus your efforts on something, you are harnessing testosterone.

And that’s exactly what a man does?  He does the necessary things he needs to do to get ahead in life.

That’s the measure of a man.

Testosterone is that chemical that makes your mind toughen up and start doing what you know you need to do to become really successful at what you like to do.

So in many ways, testosterone is a measure of your courage to face life head on.

Unfortunately, if one’s body does not make enough testosterone, you won’t be in a positive state of mind to go after what you want in life.

This is why in recent years, this testosterone has become all the rage. is because it makes you feel sweet.

And this is why so many people yearn for it.

But it’s stupid to try to get a testosterone injection when you can manufacture and harness testosterone yourself.

For example, on the HealthBoards, a 20 year old dude writes that he may have hypogandism.

Hypogandism is the clinical name given to when a man has low testosterone levels.  

This just basically means that this cat’s lost his mojo.

He feels depressed and blue.  His bait and tackle might not be able to make so much sperm and will have to get Viagra prescribed to him.

Poor dude says he has had his testosterone levels tested by his doctor recently and they read low, he claims.  This is why he now wants to get on a testosterone therapy program.  He wants that manly feeling back.

His doctor of course refuses; this is silly.  Yet this is the sad reality for many young males in today’s pill popping world.  He thinks there ain’t a thing he can do about his depressed mood.

ARE YOU MENTAL??!!  This is all in his mind.

I tell you what this man needs in his life.  He needs to watch The spy who shagged me, to see how Austin Powers regains his mojo.

At the end of the movie, Felicity Shagwell, Austin Powers’ secret agent partner tells him that he never lost his mojo; he’s had it all along.

That’s the thing.  We all have our mojo.  It might not seem like it’s there, but it’s always there.  It just needs a jolt of energy to kickstart it.  And to kick start that mojo, you need to get your engine running.

How do you start up your engine?  You summon your courage to go to the gym and start exercising.  That’s how simple it is.  You make the decision to go to the gym, you run 5 miles there, then your body thanks you by making you feel good, thus your brain waves improve.

Since testosterone is made by the human body, you too can become a testosterone machine if you want.


Those of us who do exercise, experience better mood and more energy during the day; much better health all around.

This allows us to be happier and being happier might attract a person of the opposite sex.  Whereas if you’re a negative person who’s always got a case of the Mondays, do you think any girl, or guy is going to give you the time of day looking all grumpy?

If you’re grumpy, you’re likely to make even more bad decisions for yourself, like eating a tub of lard every night because you feel sorry for yourself.

Or chain smoke the stress away.  Yeah that’s healthy.  You know who worries like there’s no tomorrow?

People with way too much estrogen.

Guys are more chill, more laid back.  Why?

Guys have more testosterone, that’s why most of us don’t give a fuck.

Some people on the other hand care way too much.  They got way too much estrogen.  I remember one girl telling me she’d rather hang out with guys more so than with girls because girls are caddy.

Make no mistake about it.  It is estrogen that makes people act caddy.

You might think I’m talking smack about women.  Nope.  No this is NOT about women versus men.

In fact, there are very cool chicks out there that are free spirits, these have a solid mix of estrogen to testosterone levels.

And there are a ton of guys who act caddy as well.  Funny thing is, these same cats are a dime a dozen at the gym checking each other out.

No this isn’t about male vs. female.

This is about estrogen versus testosterone.

Too much estrogen makes you worry like crazy.  Too much estrogen makes you want to go chow down on a tub of lard ’cause you’re depressed.

I’ve seen this happen to many women, men simply don’t need to chow down so much.

These are generalizations because there are dudes that are also way depressed and chow down like there’s no tomorrow.

Testosterone on the other hand really makes you very chill.

It makes you have a sense of humor.

Testosterone makes you want to go to the gym and run 5 miles just ’cause you love the feeling it gives you.  The feeling of happy joy joy.

So let’s not waste any more time.

What we gotta do is start feeling better by making testosterone in our bodies, then harnessing it to do our bidding.

It’s all about determination.  

When you’re determined to go balls deep in life, you’ll go to great lengths to ensure that you stay healthy.

You might even go to the library and read up on Dr. Weil’s Optimum health.

Who knows.  You might even learn to cook a thing or two.

One thing is certain.  In today’s world, you have to be a rebel and take health matters into your own hands.

For me following the herd regarding health doesn’t work so much. You think I’m going to be sitting around listening to the so called experts who are confused themselves?

Back in the 90’s they had fat free cookies, and everyone was eating that garbage, thinking they won’t get fat! Even Seinfeld poked fun at the idiocracy of it all.

In one episode he tells us that you can eat as much frozen yogurt as you want without gaining weight.  Why?

It’s fat free, you can’t gain weight…right?

How many Americans went on to find out this was a, pun intended, big fat lie?

Nah kid.  Because I’ve been a rebel all my life regarding health I still feel like a teenager and again I’m 40 years old.

You measure testosterone by how horny you get.  What else is there?

But even better, I enjoy positivity all day long.  I refuse to be angry and upset like so many other people out there.

Nah son.  I choose to be happy.

You too can be happy if you choose to.  You don’t need to be miserable like everyone else is.  Just decide today to develop a sense of humor.

Because having a sense of humor is also being a rebel.

Being a rebel also means telling people that they are being poisoned. How so?  One thing that is in recent years has been loaded with hormones and chemicals is milk.

Back in my day, the milk we drank didn’t have all these hormones. But now your estrogen levels are shooting way up due to the milk and red meat you eat.

So you must ditch the dairy and stop eating so much cow, you might just turn into one.

You know that red meat and dairy is loaded with hormones.  In order to constantly have an endless supply of milk, cows must be injected with Bovine Growth Hormone to increase milk production.

But you can’t stay away from that shit.  Why?  You are being drugged.  Meat has the same effect on humans the way sugar or even cocaine does.

Milk and red meat makes the people subservient.  

They stick this into the cow to make more milk. What effect does this have on your body?

The same shit that makes women women, is being injected into cows to fatten them up and make milk.  Guess what you’re eating or drinking?

Can this have an effect on your health?

I don’t know and I don’t wanna find out.

Drinking milk, consuming cheese or eating way too much red meat will increase your estrogen levels which will decrease your testosterone levels, thus your libido goes and when your libido goes, you lose your sense of humor.

If losing your libido doesn’t scare ya, another reason why you must stay away from milk is that it gives you manboobs.

Effects of Cow dairy on the body

Ask anyone with manboobs if they A) consume dairy cheese or red meat and how much.  Also ask them B) if they exercise and how much they exercise.

Chances are that A is true and B is false.

Biologically, don’t know what estrogen that comes from dairy can do to the body long term; I don’t want to know.

Maybe consuming dairy and red meat turns you into a cow, don’t know.  Manboobs alone scare the beejesus out of me.

Now to get rid of manboobs, all you gotta do is first stop drinking the milk, then run 15 miles a week and do 100 pushups daily.

I believe ditching dairy is the single most important thing you can do to increase your testosterone levels and stop poisoning your body.

Try this exercise at home to increase your testosterone levels.

Say “Fuck you dairy” 5 times.

With gusto and passion.  Each time getting more intense.  By the 5th time, you’ll be in rage mode.

How good did that feel?

If you’re like me, you felt great going rage mode. Rage mode is the testosterone dying to come out.  When you go rage mode, that’s you displaying your testosterone to the world.

If you feel too ashamed to say “Fuck you dairy” to the mirror, you can say “Fuck you, ….”  …. being the most hated person ever.

Still, some people cannot go full rage mode.  Why?  Too much estrogen in the body.  Not enough testosterone.

If you’ve got passion and rage, then let it out.  But apply it towards the right avenues!!

You’ve got to be able to channel your anger towards something productive and not engaging in a stupid war of words that so many people love to engage in.

This is the only way people display their testosterone.

By yapping all day long.

But like Teddy Roosevelt once said, “walk soft and carry a big stick.”

See the thing about testosterone is that it’s not just about the physical, but also the mental.

You can be real chill because you know deep down you’re the shit. You don’t need to behave the way others do because you got a lot going for you.

See what you need is love.  Love is crucial to harnessing testosterone.

Throughout history, a vast majority of great and influential men have had supportive spouses.

Of course they have.  That is the circle of life.  When testosterone and estrogen meet, great things happen.

For example, what drives a man to build a temple and dedicate it to his deceased wife that will remain standing for 384 years after it has been erected?

In 1631, Mumtaz Mahal, wife of Shah Jahan dies giving birth to their 14th child.

Then in 1632, Jahan commissions the Taj Mahal to be built in India to remember her sacrifice.

So in essence, the Taj Mahal was built out of love for the woman who bore 14 of Shah Jahan’s children.

Of course, the Taj Mahal was meant to be a tomb for the shah and his beloved.  And when you’re filthy rich you can create anything for your woman.

True, but on the other hand, money ain’t a thing when it comes down to the power of love.

What would compel a king; Edward the VIII, to become a commoner
and marry non-royal Wallis Simpson?  Of course, he and Wallis would be well off for the rest of their lives, but it just goes to show that sometimes love wins out over power.

The balls to be the first man ever to denounce the throne to be with the woman he loves.

So what does love have to do with testosterone?

Tons doesn’t it?  Love can guide your testosterone in such a productive way that you can be inspired to do anything because a woman told you to do it.

Man is programmed to serve woman.

Curse you instincts for making us slaves to the women.  Men will always be attracted to women, it’s part of our makeup.

That’s the power of love.

But it doesn’t have to be love towards another person, it could be towards our favorite sport.

For example, Magic Johnson would dribble the ball all day long just ’cause he loved to play basketball so much.

I mean for many males and some females as well, we’re born with this bug to go and play something.  Football, soccer, golf, chess, whatever it is, many of us are born athletes.

It’s an unexplainable urge to play the sport we love to play.

Some lucky ones who have the cojones to go balls deep in life get to become professional at what they love to do.

But for the vast majority of us, we won’t turn professional in our sport.

But that doesn’t mean that we have to stop doing what we love to do and that’s move around and compete.

Compete at what?  Your favorite sport.  Life.  Looking good for others.  Who knows what arena people compete on, just ensure that it is meaningful.

Most of us are out there competing everyday at what we do.

And if you aren’t competing at something, then you are most definitely not manufacturing any testosterone.


For me, I love golf.  Something about whacking a small white ball that makes me want to go back to hitting it over and over.

I know what it is.  Whacking the shit out of a white golf ball that makes me feel awesome.  I’m not going to stop hitting it and trying to perfect my swing.  Then one day I hit it perfect.

This is what makes me me.  I have crazy dreams that I will someday play in the senior tour. Laugh all you want, but what does your opinion have to do with me?

That’s testosterone baby!  You stop giving a flying duck about what people say or do.

It really doesn’t matter if I make it or not, taking a shot makes me feel like a man.  Many men don’t ever take shots and this may be why they don’t feel manly.

I go hit golf balls at the range over and over because I can get my aggression out and perfect the swing.

And by getting my aggression out, this creates even more aggression thereby increasing my testosterone.

You may be thinking that there is nothing we can do about our testosterone levels.  We have been led to believe that testosterone is a hormone that occurs naturally in the body and it is in higher supplies in younger people.  Then as we age we thought that it would normally decrease.

But that’s not the case.  Even studies show this finding.

According to,  4 out of 10 men over the age of 45 experiences low testosterone, also known as hypogonadism.  But according to the same article, only 2 in 10 men aged 60 -70 and only 3 in 10 men aged 70+ experience low T.

That makes no sense, do the stats tell us that older men experience less testosterone problems than 40 somethings?

This probably happens because people in their forties are in the prime of their careers, they have to work hard to make ends meet to put food on the table for the kids. Most male adults also got a mortgage, so they need that job.

Even if the boss treats you like dirt, most men will stay at their jobs because of the uncertainty of finding a new one.

Mr. Incredible wasting away at work.

So most men shut up and do not stand up to the boss for fear of being fired.  When a man can’t be a man, he’ll hold his emotions in rather saying

“Hey boss, why don’t you go suck my duck?”  

You can’t say certain things in society, so you gotta use the words of idiots to fuel your desire.

This balances out life.

Man’s gotta have a way to release some steam.  Some idiots say something, some use it to make something awesome.

That’s testosterone, baby!

When haters go and hate on me, now I use that anger to make myself into a machine.  Now I could care less about what the haters say.  In fact, I welcome it because it fuels my desire to beat them in the most important game ever.

The game of life.

When the haters are slaving at jobs they hate, I’ll be coding away making 6 figures as a software developer.

This is why testosterone is also a measure of your intelligence.

The smarter you are the more you will think about your career choices and get ahead in life.

Make no mistake about it.

Understand that the way a man calculates his life is also a measure of his testosterone levels.

You see, you measure testosterone by your character.  Nothing else.

You measure testosterone by how comfortable you are in your lot in life.

Fact is most Americans love to complain about how they can’t get ahead, maybe it’s a way to protect their ego justifying their underachieving ways AND a lack of testosterone.

Harnessing the animal inside is simple and crucial to your success as a human being.  If you’re playing Altered Beast on the Sega Genesis, all you do is hit B to go into rage mode.

In life, what is the B button?

The B button might be your ability to control your emotions in such a way that you create a masterpiece.

Whatever that may be.  All I’m saying is that you need to show the world your manhood.  And how do you do that?

Instead, go and become filthy rich and make yourself proud by harnessing the devil inside that is…testosterone.

Push the button and crank the engine to manufacture more testosterone

But it all starts with the one spark that will ignite everything.

Passion.  It all comes down to how bad you want it.

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