How Marijuana can make you get in great shape

I want to give you a huge secret in my arsenal to getting and staying in great shape.  And that is to exercise baked.

Most of the plant’s benefits are not well known because the establishment wants you to forget about weed.

Why?  Because it’s huge business.  Health properties of the plant alone would take out half the medical field because they couldn’t prescribe some dangerous drug to you.  All you would need is weed.  Got a headache?  Smoke some pot.  Your body hurting?  Smoke some pot.  There are tons of benefits to the plant and this is why so many states are changing their tune when it comes to pot.

Is that Arnold smoking pot in ‘Pumping Iron?’

Currently, unfortunately still see reefer as just another drug that harms the minds of young people and saps their motivation. But does it?  I don’t think so.  For me, I do not lose any motivation in terms of working out and taking care of my body.  I don’t think Arnold did either.

What about Michael Phelps?  He loves to smoke pot, and yet he’s the world record holder for Olympic Gold medals.  How do you reconcile the fact that the establishment makes weed users look lazy, yet the WORLD record Gold medal holder who lost endorsements once the world found out he smoked pot, likes to blaze up here and there?

When you think of a stoner, you don’t think of a world class athlete. But maybe Michael Phelps knows a thing or two about pot.  Maybe he smoked it and then went swimming.  I bet you that’s how he got so good at swimming, he blazed up, then went swimming.

Thing is, you really get after it after toking up if you do something physical.

See the thing about weed is that everything on weed is the shit. Ain’t that right Jon Stewart, the enhancement smoker:

He totally has a point.  Everything is better stoned.  Why?  You simple concentrate a shitload better on something you’re passionate about.

If you want to get really good at chess or golf, smoke some pot and play.  You concentrate like a demon on weed.

You may say, well I thought stoners are lazy.  

That’s how they are portrayed.  But here’s the thing about that.

If you got no goals or plans, you will totally lose all motivation.

And let me ask you, how many people have laser like goals right now?

None.  Many people waste away sober.  Makes no difference if you’re a stoner or not.  No goals, no  thriving.  And way too many people who follow all rules still fall through the cracks believing in the system that hangs them out to try.  That’s the problem.

Weed would do a lot of good to stressed out cops or anyone who is stressed out for that matter.  But they don’t want you to be unstressed.  And on top of that, unfortunately nobody wants to say nothing good about weed for fear they will lose their jobs.

The thing about weed is that you just wanna relax.

And relax you will.  If you do got a goal in mind, weed will help you achieve it.

See to me my goal has always been simple.

To have great health.

And I would say I’m doing a pretty darn good job of it.  And in a big way I got weed to thank for that.

See one thing weed helps you with is focus.  Holy shit do you concentrate when you’re high.

Of course, not too high, maybe 4 puffs out the one hitter, or maybe 2 giant bong puffs and you’re concentrating on something, something fierce.

If you smoke 8 puffs out of the one hitter, or 4 out of the bong, you’ll be too relaxed to do anything else.

Don’t get too stoned!

So knowing how much you smoke is key to getting after it. You’ve heard the song because I got high.

That’s right, sometimes it has happened to me.  I’m about to go to the gym, have great intentions and then I puff a little too much, then just change my mind.

So knowing your ‘weed focus’ is crucial.  Otherwise you’ll keep saying you ain’t getting to the gym because you got high.

But when you smoke the right amount, you will start to hear voices that you must get the gym and run.  You must!

slaughterI don’t know if you ever get those gnawing feelings that make you itch for something.  Like Sgt. Slaughter telling me I better go run or else.

Where does that come from?

Only runners know the runner’s high.  That runner’s high is an intense feeling of chilling.  That happens naturally and without being stoned.  Now imagine having the runner’s high and being stoned!  Damn, that’s total relaxation!

Unfortunately, not many people have felt the chilliness after a 5 miler.  And I dare say that this is the feeling we’re supposed to have in order to heal the body.

One thing we gotta learn from cats is learning to relax!

It’s like when you’re just beat from a hard day’s work.  That’s the feeling I’m talking about.  Maximum relaxation!

I mean look it.  I just got done running a five miler and it felt pretty good. What I feel even 3 hours later is a feeling that is so relaxing on the body.  It’s them endorphins working their magic inside your body.

Ok so basically what I’m talking about is running stoned.  I was reading this book once, I remember a man who was interviewing some dude who liked to do yardwork while high.  He stated that the body just goes, it’s numb to the fatigue!

Exactly what I’m talking about.  If used correctly, weed can amp you up.

Sometimes I feel like really amped because I’m so high!  Sometimes a little too amped, just because my body is always generating so much energy because of the running.

See one thing about running that everyone needs to know is that it is basically a way to recharge your batteries.

How many people nowadays are always exhausted, dragging their feet around.

look at that tightly toned ass

Then the way the world works, they make you think that energy has to come from a freaking little bottle.

I mean hey, I suppose those herbs in that nasty concoction give you a quick boost.  But they taste nasty, and they don’t really give you any energy.

I know what will though, running a 5 miler stoned.

It’s so damn simple.  It’s like this, try to get some weed, then go hit the gym, who gives a shit if you looked really baked.

Trust me on this one.

Get some weed, then go for a 5 miler.  Run it, jog it, walk it, but the most important thing to do is to get it done!

I mean lookit.  You can also do this sober.  Then smoke up a little bit when you’re done.  Either way, you’re in heaven.

I think what weed does to the body is that it heals it.  So you end up looking and feeling great.

I mean see the thing about weed is that it numbs you out a little, making you feel invincible for a little bit.  It truly is like that old game which was awesome, Scarface for the 360.

Build your cocaine empire today!

Let me just talk about Scarface the game, what a masterpiece that game was.  Hilarious and so damn inappropiate.  That was the beauty of it.  See the point of the game is to build a huge cocaine empire.  So basically, you go to Cuba, get some cocaine, then get some cars, drive around and deal the coke.  Cops chase after you if you draw too much heat.  A lot like Grand theft auto.

Anyway, the one thing about the protagonist? or antagonist since you are playing a drug dealer?

Anyway you play Tony Montana, and you face all these gangs, by yourself, then you can go into rage mode which gives you like 10 seconds where they can shoot you and you feel…nothing.

That’s the thing about weed and running.  The legs are going and you’re having a great time!  You’re not even conscious of the fact you’ve been running.

Sometimes I’m thinking about something and I’ve already run 2 miles.  You lose yourself in the moment.  You forget you’re running.  Can you forget you’re running when you’re sober?

Of course, you should try to run stoned on the treadmill.  Not outside.  There is a discipline of going to the gym, plus the treadmill keeps you going the same pace.  When you’re running outside, you may not be pushing yourself too hard.

You can push yourself as hard as you want when you’re stoned.  One time I remember playing basketball stoned, I felt like Charles Oakley out there going after every rebound and having a sweet time because I didn’t feel tired, I was so amped up on weed, I was hustling.

When you’re sober, it’s kinda boring.  That’s why man invented beer.  But see beer has it’s uses also, but you can’t exercise drunk!

But you sure can sure exercise stoned, and I would highly recommend it, just because you might be able to lift a lot more when you’re stoned or run a little farther than usual.

See how many doctors are going to recommend running high?  Shit, half the doctors don’t know what a running shoe is, yet they be recommending exercise?!

Whatever the case, I’m not a doctor, though I like to play one.  Why do I say that?  I do believe I am a doctor, one that practices preventive medicine.

I mean, in order to combat any disease, you have to prevent it from happening in the first place.

So in order to keep all diseases at bay, the most important thing to do is to have a strong heart that can weather any storm.  See, the heart has to be strong enough to get rid of toxins in the blood, so the more running you do, the stronger the heart gets.

And the more running you do stoned, the better.

See here’s the thing.  Running strengthens your heart and weed helps the body relax and heal itself.  Shit, you wanna get rid of all stresses in life, smoke up once in a while, you’ll stop giving a flying fuck, and the better you’ll feel.  Mentally, it relaxes you, but more importantly, it relaxes the body as well.

Of course, nutrition is of high importance as well.  Because that meat you eat is not laden with the nutrients you need to run that 5 miler.  That’s another thing about weed.  It makes you go against the grain.

It makes you realize how something so good for the body can be looked at as something so bad.  You start to open your eyes to the lies and half truths and confusion they create in order to keep you from reaching the Kush.

That’s why for a long time I’ve learned how to cook for myself.  Gotta learn how to cook up some rice and beans, eat some veggies.  pasta.  Key is all natural.  If man made it don’t eat it would preach Jack Lalanne.  So stay away from the energy bars and indulge in them apples, bananas and oranges.

Exactly, go to the supermarket and get some energy foods like broccoli, spinach, cucumber and melons.  Hmmm…Melons.

It’s all on you now.  You want tons of energy all day long, wanna look and feel great, then try this out.  You will freaking love it.  All you gotta do is score some cannabis sativa, get the one hitter, puff, then go running.  You’ll experience the runner’s high times 3000.


Use your rebelliousness to get what you want.

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